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Adrian Le Roux is a qualified Sport Scientist that has been coaching professional teams and athletes for over 20 years. Along with coaching and training many endurance athletes he was also the strength & conditioning coach for the South African National Cricket Team (Proteas) and is still involved in the Indian Premier League (IPL) as a fitness consultant. Adrian’s has a passion for endurance events that include running, cycling, triathlon, adventure racing and ultra distance events. Practice what you preach… he has consistently participated in many endurance events over a period of 25 years

What People Say

I have personally worked with Adrian Le Roux for many years. He is one of the most professional strength & conditioning coaches I’ve ever worked with. Disciplined, committed and always improving to give his players and athletes the best, up to date advice and exercise routines available. Above all, he is a genuinely good man with the athlete’s best interest at heart. Always been a pleasure to work with him – AB De Villiers (International Cricketer, Former Protea Captain)

With three months to go before SkyRun 100km, I was battling injury; unable to run more than 4km without pain and uncertain whether I would even be able to start the race. I contacted Adrian and he immediately got me going with a program that eased me out onto the roads and trails again whilst still allowing for injury recovery. Within a couple of weeks I was running decent distances without any pain, and steadily increasing my pace to reach new personal bests. Adrian’s balanced program, which included gym, road and trail work, got me to the start line of SkyRun in much better overall physical condition than have ever been in before an ultra event and I found myself cutting several hours off my time as a result. Adrian is actively engaged in your training progress, and is always available for feedback. His program is very dynamic and fitted well into my work and personal life, leaving me feeling good out on the trail as well as at home and in the office – Joe Penn (Skyrun100)

Working with Adrian in the way that is now possible in conjunction with TrainingPeaks is what I have always been searching for. It is so important as an athlete to stay on top of your game and fit to prevent injury whilst being prepared and ready to compete and peak at the perfect moment. Adrian’s programs and routines have given me structure to my workouts and goals. I know I am on the right track and any doubts can be cast aside with regular and easy communication. My personal schedule is constantly changing and I am always on the road , keeping to a single personal trainer in a single place has always been impossible for me. Now with Adrian I am able to work with him face to face when possible but still continue to stay on top of my fitness whilst traveling and away in different countries, adapting and controlling my program along the way – Aaron Hadlow (5x kiteboarding World Champion and 2x Redbull King of the Air winner)

I have been under the wing of Adrian Le Roux for the past 10 Years first at his Sports Performance Clinic (SPC) and later through his online coaching platform. I am a 51 year old average guy without amazing sporting genes but I want to carry on like a 25 year old super athlete so I place a lot of pressure on Adrian Le Roux to keep me in shape and functional to do extraordinary things. My sport of choice is adventure racing and thus I need to be efficient in a multitude of sporting disciplines from Mountain biking; trail running; paddling to horse riding and mountain climbing. We never know. Adrian Le Roux being not only an accomplished sports scientist with international experience in keeping some of the worlds biggest sporting franchises in shape is also an impressive multisport athlete who understands the demands and requirements to keep average people with big goals on the right track. He has completed multiple Ultra distance runs including the Skyrun; he has competed in expedition style adventure races with me and is an accomplished cyclist mountain biking and road cycling. I need a structured and functional training program to keep me going and Leroux Coaching understands this and delivers the goods in a weekly basis via the Training Peaks portal. I highly recommend Le Roux Coaching to anyone that wants to up their game and experience in the outdoors whether competitively or just for the adventure. He will whip you into shape – Adrian Saffy (Adventure Racer, Endurance Athlete, Event Organiser)

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