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Beginner Training Plan

Congratulations on making the smart decision to invest in your health & fitness. No matter what shape you are in we will get you moving. This will be the best option for the beginner athlete or if you just want to get going again after some time off. Training plans are designed around your needs while we provide structure and monitor your progress. It is a steady step-by-step guide to improve overall health and fitness. You can contact us at any time and you will have full support on the TrainingPeaks platform.

Get Started by completing the survey below. Feel free to share as much background information as possible. Upon receipt of your survey, we will be in touch to share more information and answer any additional questions that you might have.

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Terms & Conditions. By submitting this form you are under no obligation to sign-up for the online coaching program. Should you decide to utilise the service of LerouxCoaching you hereby confirm that you are aware of the risks associated with physical training and acknowledge and accept the dangers associated with physical training and sports. You confirm that you have consulted a medical professional and is medically fit to engage in physical training/exercise and related training plans/schedules. You further hereby indemnify the Adrian Le Roux, the LeRouxCoaching and all its employees and hold them jointly and severally harmless against all liability resulting or arising from the above-mentioned activities, whether against yourself, your estate or any other person.

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